Our homegrown Scavenger Hunt will give you the perfect snapshot of Spring in Naples. Capture all that the Naples Valley has to offer and learn about why we love this Finger Lakes town so much! Scenic overlooks, outdoor activities, hiking, golf, theater, shopping, craft beverages and eateries. There is something for everyone along the way!


Follow the clues from the webpage below to each location

Find the QR code posted on the sign with our Explore Naples Logo.

Scan and input your information to be entered to Win a Stay in Naples. The more QR codes you find the better your chances to win!

Play fair and support the shops and merchants that are hosting this event!

Food + Beverage


This winery is housed in the old Widmer Winery facility. They make Cider Tree Hard Cider. Find the tasting room!


A nano-farm brewery.  Hang on the patio this spring 😉


Here they make a fermented tea, served cold, and carbonated.


This Brewery has a “Firehouse” theme and houses a 1953 Ward LaFrance fire engine.


This Winery makes over 25 varietals of wine one of which is exclusively made by us. Which wine can you only find Here? Purchase a Classic Wine Flight to find out!


The Table of Elements is hanging on the wall here. Look for the QR code there.


This purple winery has a portrait of John Lemmon in the tasting room. Tell the server you’re participating in the Swing into Spring Quest, and buy a tasting for your chance to wine


This establishment makes all of its own side dishes as well as over 50 gourmet food products that are often used in these sides. What special ingredient is in our German Potato Salad? Order a cup to learn!


Housed in a large blue/purple building, this establishment’s name has to do with the underground part of plants and trees. This place features an incredible burger by the same name as the establishment.

Outdoor Activities


A Trailhead Kiosk Station is situated in a parking lot by a great place to swim in the summer and fish in the Spring.


This bridge over a waterfall creek has paintings by local artist Darryl Abraham. Tag @explorenaplesny on your hike for an extra entry. 


Located at the end of Ontario st near the pedestrian bridge crossing Naples creek beside a gigantic tree!  Over the Creek and through the woods, find the Code


The Beaver Trail in this park is located on Gulick Road… find the trail and the code overlooking the pond


An outdoor game. Located in the Naples Community Park. It is a par 3 spanning 224 feet.


Here, four minutes north of Naples, the view of Canandaigua Lake is simply breathtaking. Take a peek through the viewfinder.


This Park is one of the highest points in Ontario County. There is a short 8-minute walk to an overlook. Look for the QR code there. Take a photo and tag @explorenaplesny  for an extra entry!


 Funds raised will be used to support the Naples Youth Corporation for property development and programming for local youth.  Must run in this race to find your QR code in the swag bag. Sign up by May 7th! 

Shops + Attractions


Amongst 200+ Finger Lakes artists.


This 67-year-old seasonal destination is the only place you can find Jeni’s Pies. Find the QR code. Buy a pie and send us a selfie with your slice for an extra two chances to win!


Over the years, this prominent, three-story centerpiece of the village has gotten a reputation for being haunted. Look in a window on the porch to see the ghost?!


Six artists created incredible murals across hundreds of feet of this business’s barns. This mural has a view of Fingerlakes to Rochester! Take a beautiful backdrop photo and tag @explorenaplesny for an extra entry!



Big city talent performs here in plays and musicals. Look for the purple double doors! Go to a show and send us a selfie from within for five extra chances to win!


J.J. Cale is a legendary rocker who wrote Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “They Call Me the Breeze”, as well as Eric Clapton’s “After Midnight”. Find him in Naples’ music store. Take a selfie with JJ for an extra entry, and tag @explorenaplesny


This old-time outdoor store offers all the gear and tackle you need for fishing and hunting. Go in and poke around to find the QR code.


This is the newest boutique in Naples, and it has a wild selection of goods 😉 

Around Town


This large mural is a major highlight of downtown. Every April 1st, the Naples Rotary Club hosts an annual fishing derby for this kind of fish! 


These are usually red in most towns, and they are used by fire departments. In Naples, they are purple. You can find one in front of the Maxfield Inn.


You can see this steeple-like tower from Luigi’s. This historic building was a fire station, and the steeple was used for drying fire hoses. Look for the main entry door. 


Built in 1872, this large brick building pays homage to Civil War veterans but more recently plays home to the Naples Grape Festival. 



Located in a small park on the north end of Naples, this sign tells that the village was incorporated in 1894.